7 Ways to Help Baby Learn to Walk

The first step of the baby is the most precious memory for every parent. Parents do so many things to help the newbie learn to walk. However, some of the techniques work, and some don’t. Not to mention, if it’s your first child, you must be very excited to see your baby reach his milestone. Point to be noted, the exact age for a baby to walk starts from 9 months and ends in the 15th month. But some can take more or less time, and that’s fine. The increasing and decreasing time of your baby walking depends on its bone and muscle development. So, it’s better to give her enough time to be ready to walk.

If you are the parent of a toddler and eagerly searching for some practical ways to help your baby learn to walk then you are at the right place. Here are some super useful tips and tricks for you regarding the fact.

Let’s get started.

Help Baby Learn to Walk

7 Techniques to Help Your Baby Learn to Walk

1. The Starters

You can’t force your baby directly if she can’t do these starter steps. Once your baby learns these steps, you can guess she is ready to create her first independent footprint. Have a look at them.

  • Sitting by her own

Your baby must be able to sit and move comfortably before she starts walking. Besides, she should be able to sit on her own. 

  • Crawling

It’s a sign your baby wants to walk, and she is preparing for that. Never stop her from crawling as it makes her bones and muscles strong. 

  • Rolling over

Does your baby rolls over without your help? It means she is learning to move. This is a good muscle exercise before learning to walk.

  • Standing stably

The toddler must learn to walk, however with or without help. Help her to stand first and then let her sand on her own. Allow her to fall and stand back. When your baby is done with standing by herself it's time for her to learn to walk.

2. Never Force Your Baby to Walk

In the case of the late walkers, it’s prevalent that the parents start forcing them especially when they cross their 15th month. This forcing affects the baby very severely and there are chances that she never walks. Learning to walk is all about encouraging, motivation and supporting your baby. If you keep cheering for your baby's first independent step she will get motivated and learn to walk faster. But never forget to praise her wherever she tries. Besides, you must not compare your baby with others. Every baby has different strategies to learn. 

3. Try with Baby Walkers

A baby walker also can be the ultimate solution that lets your baby walk easily. To most parents, baby walkers are the easiest and well-known solution to help their babies to walk. This toy tool encourages baby to start walking. Being the parents, you have to be careful when your baby is in baby walker. The reason is that with a baby walker babies can reach dangerous places like cooking area, near the stairs or their cramped spaces in the house where they may hurt themselves. This helping toy can be the cause of the accident if the parents are not careful.

4.The Furniture Trick

Arrange small or medium furniture like a table or chair from small to big and make your baby start to walk from holding the smallest one and help her walk with the biggest ones in a row. Walking by holding furniture is a good trick to make her understand how to walk.   

Walk with Your Baby

5. Walk with Your Baby

Hold your baby’s hand and make him stand on your feet. Walk and let her walk with you. After this, stand her up in front of you in a forward-facing style, hold her upper arm and direct her to walk by moving her hands a little forward. Also, hold one hand of the baby and let your partner hold the other now walk and encourage her to walk with you. Stroll while doing this.

6. Games for learning to walk

Babies love to play. What if you can make your baby learn to walk while playing with her? Here are some games that will help your baby to walk.

  • Get Your Toy Game

Keep your baby’s favorite toy just a little further and encourage her to get the toy by herself by walking. Keep clapping and cheering to make her enjoy the game. Praise her if she gets the toy or even if she fails.

  • Basket and Ball Game

Set a basket close to the toddler and give her a ball. Tell her to put the ball into the basket. When she gets it done move the basket a little farther and tell her to do that again. This game will make her muscles stronger and help her to walk. 

  • The Moving Game

Get your baby a moving toy. Help the baby to hold the toy and walk while moving the toy. Be very careful about the speed. You may hold the toy to control the speed for safety. Moving toys lends great help to babies to learn to walk.

7. Exercise that Helps

Exercise is the best way to help your baby to walk. Let your baby sit and stand several times a day. Get her a stool that she can sit without any support and it must allow her feet to touch the floor while sitting. Take a toy and move it in different positions around her stool. This will help the baby learn to move her body flexibly. Keep a ball in front of your baby and encourage her to kick. All of these activities are great exercises that help the toddler build up a stronger and healthier bone and muscle as they play a vital role to make the baby walk.  


Be your baby's support and the best motivator to help her walk independently. Keep trying and have more patience because your newbie will walk sooner or later. Have patience, wait till the right time, with the help of the parents the baby will surely overcome the initial barrier. And it will be a joyous day to remember!  

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