About Us

Marina Founder and Editor in Chief of BabyWalkerPro

My name is Marina and I hold a degree in Science in Information Systems. In addition to being a successful business entrepreneur, I am also a mother and a wife.

At BabyWalkerPro, we never write product reviews without thoroughly testing and using the product. As the founder, I am always heavily involved in the entire review process.

As a mother myself, I understand the importance of buying safe and reliable products for children. That's why my team and I use each product before reviewing it, ensuring its quality before publishing our honest assessment. I am lucky to have Teresa as our lead reviewer, who is both dedicated and honest. Kathleen and Barbara are also valuable members of our team, known for their diligence and honesty.

We only publish reviews after purchasing and using the products ourselves. Additionally, we have friends who are medical experts to help us understand any medical terms or implications in our reviews, ensuring our audience receives accurate information.

We provide our review service free of charge to our readers. However, we do receive a small commission when our readers click on our affiliate links and purchase a product.

As a parent, you can trust our reviews to help guide your purchases, knowing that we uphold a certain standard and use scientific judgment in our analysis.

Thanks and Welcome!

Marina Bosworth
Founder & Editor in Chief BabyWalkerPro

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