Kolcraft 2 in 1 Baby Boy Walkers Review

Generally, at the age of twelve months, babies start to walk. But as it’s human instinct, they start this process at the age of nine months.

We all know how vulnerable they are at this age. Therefore, they need enough support to adopt this process quickly and most importantly with safety.

So, therefore at this age, every baby is in crying need of a baby walker. This one provides enough facilities to learn walking with safety as well as comfort.  

Interestingly the Kolcraft 2 in 1 baby boy walkers give you a benefit of having two walkers at the same time. One is seated walker, and the other is walk behind walker so your baby feels comfortable and can move easily at the same time. You can know more about this amazing kolcraft tiny steps 2-in-1 activity walker for best baby walkers for boys below.

For Whom, This Baby Boy Walker?

According to the features of this product, you can try this by the following.

  • According to the features of this product, you can try this by the following.
  • A baby walker is very helpful for you if you have a baby that hasn’t started walking yet.
  • If you want your baby to learn walking faster, then a baby walker is always essential.
  • Also, the best baby walker will help you to carry the baby with more comfort if the walker is a seated walker.
  •  It is always safe to keep the baby in the walker if the baby tends to move around much. 
Baby walkers for boys

Kolcraft Activity Walker Product Specification

Item Weight: 10.3 Pounds

Product Dimensions: 24 x 30 x 25.5 Inches

Batteries: 2 AAA Batteries Required.

Minimum weight recommendation: 15 Pounds

Maximum weight recommendation: 26 Pounds

Battery life: 10 Hours

Car Walker for Baby Boy Features & Benefits 

The kolcraft tiny steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker are one of the best walkers for boy  as it offers some amazing features. You can check them out below.

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    Convertible 2-in-1

Not all the baby walker for boys come with this awesome features. This adorable Walker is an adjustable baby walker that allows you to convert it. It can easily be converted to a walk behind walker from a seated walker. So you get two of the walkers in one product.

Newborn babies are carried on the seated walker. But as the child grows it needs to learn how to walk as well. So in this case, if you have this cars baby walker then it will be very helpful for you. As your child will be able to learn walking quickly by using this kolcraft tiny steps 2-in-1 walker.

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    Automobile Look

Babies are always fond of the looks. Things that are interesting or "funny looking" always attract a child. Also, they find it comfortable staying near such items. So the Kolcraft activity Walker is here with such an amazing look.

The tray of Kolcraft baby walkers is highly polished. It also contains chrome grills. These accessories allow the walkers to look like a high-end automobile. And because of the looks they babies love it and cannot get enough of it. 

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    Electronic Accessories

Another interesting feature of the Kolcraft tiny steps 2-in-1walker is that it has some amazing electronic accessories. First of all, there is steering wheel horn. It provides some sweet and funny sounds that your baby will find very interesting. 

The Kolcraft walkers also provide car sounds that help the babies learn about cars. Also, there is electronic music in the product. The music is very adorable, and babies love these types of music so it will keep your child joyful all the time.

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    Leatherette Seat Pad

The back of the seat is made of leather. It helps your child to feel comfortable while sitting or walking around with the walker. Also, the Kolcraft boy walkers will provide you the seats with a headrest. So whenever the baby feels sleepy while you are walking it, it can simply fall asleep in the walker.

Leather seats are not only for comfort. These seats have very high-quality stitching, and they are long-lasting. Also, they are more suitable a baby than a regular seat. Regular seats are often made out of hard material and are harmful to the babies. Experts suggest having a leather seat for your Newborn.

Baby walker kolcraft
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    Independent Front Wheel

The front wheels of the Kolcraft walkers are independent. That means you can easily turn the walker left or right. Also, it is quite fun for the babies as well. Because when you convert the walker into a walk behind a walker, the baby will enjoy walking with it.

But it is not much fun if you can’t turn left or right. So when a baby finds that it can just simply move or turn around with the walker, it is a matter of fun for the baby. So the independent front wheel helps a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can I move it freely?

Answer: Yes. It is multi-directional.

Question: Is the Adjustable baby walker?

Answer: The baby seat supports adjustable height.

Question: Can I lock the walker?

Answer: The Walker has no locking feature.

Question: Is it possible to move it on the carpet?

Answer: Low pile rug is suitable. Not suitable for high pile rug.

Question: Can it be folded?

Answer: You can fold it to store it.


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    Moves very smoothly on the floor.
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    Assembling the parts is effortless.
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    Baby walker kolcraft Provides comfort via leather seats.
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    The front wheels are rotatable.

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    Convertible to walk behind walker anytime.


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    There is weight limitation for the babies.

Final Verdict

So you can see that the Kolcraft baby walkers are simply amazing for your child. Though it has a weight limit, it can carry up to 26 pounds. So the weight is not much of a problem. The best thing about this adorable baby walker for boys is that it allows you to change to walk behind a walker.

It will not only save your money, but also your child will learn how to walk faster if you use this product. Also, the looks and features that this kolcraft 2 in 1 walker provides give your child the best comfort possible. So you now know why the Kolcraft baby boy walkers are perfect for your child.

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