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The Strangest Pregnancy Trends

Strangest Pregnancy Trends

When we think about strange things during pregnancy, we tend to think about weird food cravings. However, this is simply something that our bodies want at that specific moment, and indulging is typically not a bad thing. On the other hand, there are some rather odd decisions that people that are expecting a new addition […]

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When Do Babies Start Walking Independently?

When Do Babies Start Walking Independently

Walking stage not only brings joy to the baby but also the happiness of parents. Learning to walk for your baby is very important in forming a standing gait when growing. For many parents, the baby’s beginning to walk is a milestone that marks the development. At this time, the baby has enough capacity to learn […]

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7 Ways to Help Baby Learn to Walk

Help Your Baby Learn to Walk

The first step of the baby is the most precious memory for every parent. Parents do so many things to help the newbie learn to walk. However, some of the techniques work, and some don’t. Not to mention, if it’s your first child, you must be very excited to see your baby reach his milestone. […]

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