Bright Starts 3 in 1 Activity Walker

Bright Stars Walker, a ride-on, and a complete play package, this is the 3 in 1 activity walker. Designed to strengthen the steps of your baby and to make him more confident. It comes with spin balls and when your little one is tired he can feed the lion with the balls. All-in-all an excellent way to engage your child and make them learn how to walk.

We know you could do almost anything to bring smiles and giggles on your baby’s face. You would love to see him having plenty of fun and being happy. With the 3 in 1 activity walker, you could easily do so. Bright starts walker as you would know is one of the very renowned baby toys manufacturing brands. It is a brand which has always created innovative baby toy products. But the 3 in 1 activity walker is surely one of its top selling products. Let us, however first try to understand about the bright star walkers brand.

Why is Bright Starts One of the Leading Baby Toy Brands?

The main aim of Bright Starts has always been to create products which have the perfect combination of engaging feature designed to spark smiles and laughter and make babies have lots of fun. What is also perfect for parents to know is that these toys are most affordable. So with the toys of Baby Starts you need not spend a fortune to make your child smile and be happy. All the Bright Starts toys play gyms, and entertainers, have been created with relentless dedication. This is only to bring you with the highest quality possible. And it is done in a way that it does not put any strain on your budget.

Bright Starts Baby Toy, 3 in 1 Roaring Fun Lion

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However, of all the products of Baby Stars,  and the 3 in 1 walker for babies is by far one of the activity walkers for babies available. Let us get to know the exciting features and benefits which make it the most popular.

Bright Starts 3 in 1 Activity Walker: Why It Is So Popular?

The fact that the 3 in 1 walker for babies is so popular is not without reason. The following are some of its outstanding features which make this toy stand out from the rest:

  • 3 Ways to Play With It

This unique toy is indeed true value for your money. Your child could play in 3 different ways with it. He can sit, walk behind, or ride; what is also great is the child could watch balls gyrate around the lion’s mane in three modes along with feeding balls into the lion’s mouth.

You could raise the seat of the toy and convert the legs so that the baby could walk behind and have fun. He could even walk behind and push for melodies and sound. Research shows that music can help a child’s development in many ways. So this music and melody would assist in the baby’s development as well.

The other great thing about this toy is that apart from providing great entertainment it is also fully safe. This is why there is a sturdy seat, and the is also provided with easy to grip handle to ensure that the child would not fall off and get hurt while riding it.

  • It Provides Great Entertainment for Babies

For Bright Starts walkers innovation has always been a driving factor which is why in the case of the 3 in 1 Roaring Fun Lion a very engaging is when the child presses the light up nose he can also watch the balls spin around the mane. This would surely draw the baby’s attention and keep him or her engaged.

Some Technical Details of 3 in 1 Walker for Babies

Item Weight 4.8 pounds
Product Dimensions 12 x 16.5 x 20 inch
Item model number 52093-2-W11
Batteries: 4 AA batteries required. (included)
Target gender Unisex
Batteries required Yes
Battery life 10 hours
Dishwasher safe No
Is portable No


  • It can be used in 3 different ways. This would provide the baby with plenty of fun.
  • The sturdy seat and easy to grip handle ensure complete safety for the child.
  • The toy has great melody which will keep your baby fully engaged while you can sit back and relax.
  • It has great melody which your kid would enjoy.


  • No major drawbacks or problems have been reported, but initial parental guidance is recommended till the time the child is fully acquainted with the toy

 Bottom Line of the Bright Starts 3 in 1 Activity Walker

So be it in terms of fun, learning, child development or safety, the Bright Starts 3 in 1 activity walker is ideal regarding all. What is also great is that is very affordable, and you could buy it without any strain on your budget. We are sure that you always yearn to see and hear the fun filled laughter of your child and it should take no occasion to gift this toy to him or her. So do not miss this great opportunity to do just that. You could order Bright Starts 3 in 1 walker for babies online at a very reasonable price.

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