Choosing a Baby Nest to Tuck Your Angel In-Guide and Tips

Thank god! Your angel is here. And we know you want all the best for the little one. In the early years, sleeping is an essential part of the growth process.

To get your baby the best quality sleep, you need to provide a comfortable and supportive space. Typically, a crib sounds more popular, but there are also baby nests to tuck the infants in.

Come with me and learn more about baby sleeping nests and how to buy the best one for your neonate.

Baby sleeping in a nest

Baby sleeping in a nest

What are Baby Nests?

People call baby nest a sleeping pod for infants to sleep, rest, nap, and relax in. It provides a limited space but comfortable fenced by high hems to prevent rolling out or over. It as well resembles the mother’s womb with all the pleasance.

Baby nests are becoming more popular today according to the recommendation of doctors and healthcare professionals. They are great products that are nice and cozy.

When you have a newborn, they like to be held and snuggled so often. In other words, babies do like something to hold them in tight.

This is because, as adults, we have partial paralysis. That means when we’re in the REM stage of sleep, we are partially paralyzed. So, we’re not acting out of our dreams. With babies, they are not born with that capability. That’s why you see them kicking and moving in their dreams.

So, the newborns don’t develop this partial paralysis until they are 2-3 months old. In the absence of it, we have the style reflex, which is where a baby will throw one arm or wet leg, move around and roll on their chest.

When babies sleep on their stomachs, there is a high risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Sleeping in the nest can reduce this possibility of turning over. Besides, baby nests are great for traveling and co-sleeping.

Are Baby Sleeping Nests Safe?

Unfortunately, there are not yet any regulations or safety standards regarding sleeping pods for babies. There is actually a risk coming from the soft edges and mattresses that may cause suffocation.

It is a large piece of the puzzle.

When a baby is sleeping, we think that they stay still. But in fact, they move and wiggle around quite a bit.

If the baby rolls his head to the side of the nest where there is no breathable space like on a crib, he may not be able to get air.

We can see the mouth available, but that doesn’t mean your baby is getting recycled air. That is a big risk with nests.

So, we want to make sure that when a baby is sleeping overnight unsupervised, they really don’t sleep in the nest.

However, there are nests on the market designed to have breathable air mesh allowing the baby to breathe through.

Therefore, we think baby nests should only be used when your baby is just chilling out. For example, when you’re in the shower or making dinner and the baby is playing on their back, you can have your child in the nest and watch him from a distance while doing your business.

As far as sleep goes, the nest is fantastic for naps. The reason being is that you can put it on a couch without worrying your infant is going to roll out.

How to Buy a Baby Nest

Knowing the advantages of a baby may help you determine whether to use it or not. But it should also be kept in mind some of the factors when shopping for this particular product.


It is always a priority to consider safety in anything you buy for the baby. So, you need to check if the nest is tested with any safety standard.

Besides, consider nests with breathable sides. Material is also a matter when it can come out and cause choking. More than that, softness is a part of staying safe for the baby’s skin is susceptible.


It’s reasonable to feel sad when all your nursery and baby items go obsolete. But an adjustable baby pod can be used for a longer time if you buy the right one.

If you tend to use the nest along with the growth of your baby, it makes sense to choose the one with an open end, which you can extend the space.


One nest is better than another in the features it comes with. Ordinary nests may only have enough softness. High-end nests have an incline to accommodate a better sleeping position. A higher head will help to prevent GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). At the same time, it improves your baby’s respiratory tract and digestive system.


Chances are your infant will wet the nest. So, it’s important to keep the nest clean, so the item should be easy to wash and dry. Quality sleeping nests should be made of breathable material that ventilates air well. The product should also be durable, at least during the time the newborn needs.

Warranty and brand

Quality products always come with a warranty. Reputable companies don’t mind at least a one-year warranty for all of their products.

If you care more about baby items, there is more to look here.

Wrapping up

In the end, you should know the benefits of a baby nest and decide if you want it for your child or not. It’s hard to deny this particular nursery item is helpful in many situations, but using it requires parental supervision.

On the other hand, it’s a huge plus to have a comfortable nest for the little lad to settle in on family vacation. As the nest can provide a familiar sleeping space, it ensures your angel a pleasant rest while on the trip to a new place.

A baby nest also provides a relaxed and cozy spot for you to chill out with the tiny version of you.

Hope this article is helpful. Once you got your new baby nest, please let us know or ask anything you want about baby stuff. Thank you and see you.

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