Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker The Real Entertainer

By Kathleen

If you have an infant at home, who is just starting to kick and crawl to try and stand on their own feet. Then it is about time you got your champ a good baby walker for his training needs. The Disney Music and Lights Walker is a wheeled frame with a suspended seat on to which you put your baby. In the walker, they try to walk and stand, eventually putting the walker into motion. A Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker is an ideal tool to have around the house for your baby for their initial training purposes. It helps them strengthen their leg stability, as well as providing them with a form of entertainment and fun.

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby Walker with Activity Tray (Garden Delight)

There are several factors and features that should be taken into account when deciding on your precious child’s most important toys. Remember, this Music and Lights Walker are what is about to give your child their first walking lessons, so it is always a smart idea to pick one that is ideal for the needs of your little one. I know how, with the numerous walkers in the market to choose from, it is easier said than done.

Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker -The Toddler's Glee

It is confusing and frustrating to go around from store to store, walker to walker, and yet not being able to decide on a good one. Well, here is where I come in. I will give a thorough review of my personal favorite Disney Princess Walker, the amazing baby walkers.

Now, the Disney Princess Walker were not just randomly chosen by me. I picked this best baby walker over several hundred other walkers after conducting a careful inspection of its many winning aspects. Here is what I thought-

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby Walker with Activity Tray (Garden Delight)

Look at Minnie Mouse Walkers Features 

This Minnie Mouse Walker is Disney music and lights walker pink themed walker, with many of its iconic characters attached to its play station. This includes 4 Minnie Mouse toys and friends. It has 3 adjustable heights for the seats. The padded seat is machine washable, and the wheels on this walker are sturdy. The Walker weighs around 12 lb, and it measures as (29.2 x 25.4 x 5.2) inches in dimensions.

It has a large, over-sized play tray or station which swings open to reveal a second tray underneath it; both trays are detachable. However, there is one particular thing I would like to highlight about this Disney brand baby walkers, while it is all up to you if you would like to use it for your baby boy or girl, the walker is targeted towards baby girl walker.

With its beautiful pink baby walker exterior and Disney Minnie Mouse toys, it is what every little girl would love to see on their walkers. One thing is for certain; you will have absolutely no trouble understanding if your little girl would approve of their new walker or not.

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby Walker with Activity Tray (Garden Delight)

Safety and Quality

How I always judge the quality of a baby walker is partially based on its wheels, and this Baby Walker has left me with no complaints whatsoever. The wheels on this Walker are strong and sturdy. One great thing is that it can walk on various surfaces, like tiles, wood floor or even carpet. This is something not many walkers can do. It has strip grips which slow down the baby walkers ability to move when it is on to a rough or uneven surface. Features like these can assure you that your baby will have a secure and safe experience on the walker.


The Minnie mouse activity walker never lets your kid short of entertainment. The kids interact with colorful mouse toys in front of them which the baby can handle to their liking. Not only that there are a lot of music and songs which thrill the baby and keeps her busy in an entertaining mood so that you can let the baby enjoy for some time to herself while you have the precious rest which is due to you from the tiredness of the morning chores. Not a bad time to have some nap in the midst of your busy day. Not to forget that with the bright, colorful and musical toys in front of the baby she won't like to be disturbed either. All is well that ends well. Enjoy! Ho!

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby Walker with Activity Tray (Garden Delight)


  • The Baby Walkers come with 2 trays.
  • The entertainment mode on this is outstanding.
  • The price is affordable.


  • If you want to lock wheels, that cannot be done with this one!
  • This walker is targeted towards baby walkers for girls only.
  •  It is a non-fold-able baby walker, unfortunately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does this baby walker come assembled?
Answer: No, the walker does not come assembled. You have to assemble it yourself.

Q. How many songs does it play?
Answer: The Disney walker plays 12 different songs.

Q. Are replacement toys available?

Answer: Yes, replacement toys are available through Consumer Care.

Final Word

The Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker is definitely an eye-catcher among the best baby walkers, and will especially be appreciated by all. It comes with safe, sturdy wheels that show versatility on various surfaces. Its seat height can be adjusted to 3 levels to ensure the walker is adjusted to your baby’s growth. It comes with 2 trays that are removable. With features like these, it will overall, be a very satisfactory choice as your baby’s choice not to forget about the parents.

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