Why Is It Essential to Buy a Baby Walker

Although there is no basic utility of baby walkers to teach how to walk, many parents prefer the idea of using it. It is a popular choice according to the Pediatrics Journal that states almost 52-82% of parents use it.

Sometimes parents need a place to keep the baby when they cannot hold or focus for a few moments. Such chances appear almost every day, and for this, a safe spot is important for the baby to sit and play. It is essential to buy a baby walker because it helps to give support to the baby to reduce chances of falling while trying to walk and at the same time allow to sit comfortably in an upright posture. Many baby walkers are customized with colorful toys and musical activity center, which are used for entertainment purpose while baby’s parents are preoccupied.

Advantages of Baby Walker

Walkers are made up of a metal frame and fabric chair to rest babies, ages 4 to 18 months in such a way that their toes can touch the floor. Entertaining features like toys, keep the baby engaged while sitting in the chair and scooting around the room. In many cases, parents get baby walkers as gifts and use it when the right time (baby’s age) comes while some parents think these will help their babies to learn walking quickly. Though, they shouldn’t forget the side effects of baby walkers and always use these in the free rooms where steps, furniture, and gadgets are not present.

Take Precautions:

  • Ready or not: Various kinds of opinions exist about the proper set age for the use of baby walkers, but due to varied growth rates of every baby, parents rely on the symptoms like the ability to sit up on their own or to crawl. Sitting up is crucial as in a baby walker, the kid needs to sit up whereas crawling capability is important as in this case, some controlling power over movement arises.
  • Walker-friendly home: Baby walkers roll, and for that reason, it is vital to consider certain things. Smooth floor with no loose rugs to obstruct the movement. It must be wide open space without any dangerous objects. Stairs must not be present in that room or must be blocked if the baby is there. Also, remove sharp edges or keels to prevent the baby from getting hurt.
  • Keep an eye: Parental supervision is still important to prevent injuries or accidents from falling down. Also, the accessible stuff must be taken away from the baby’s grip.
  • Wear baby his shoes while going outside: Rough surface and narrow sidewalks can prevent walker’s mobility and can also result in babies to fall over the edge. Hence, make sure they have the shoes on their feet.

Introduce Kids to the Walker:

  • Proper leg position: Ensure that the baby’s legs enter into separate leg holes and toes do not get entangled anywhere. Parents should softly lift the kid and suspend in the seat. After that, fasten the restraining belt, which prevents the baby from sliding down.
  • Keep the baby standing: It is important to encourage the babies to stand. It can be either be done by holding the baby around his waist and keep him standing or by allowing the baby to use parent’s hands to pull himself up several times. All it needs is some patience from the parent’s side too.
  • Teach to move the walker: The baby needs to learn to move the walker. Sometimes out of excitement babies kick. Parents can encourage by holding a piece of favorite food or toy in their hands and ask the baby to come and kick. Be careful, so that baby’s legs are not twisted or dragged.
  • Have Patience: This is a totally new experience for first-time parents, so having patience and constant encouragement to the baby is vital. On the other hand, it is new to the baby as well, and the first movement will be sudden thrusts or kicks that may startle the kiddo. But do not discourage him and ask to do it repeatedly while not forcing the baby to move or kick if he’s getting irritated.
  • Use Daily but for a limited period: It is not good to keep the baby all day in a baby walker. It may cause negative consequences eliminating all the plus points and entertaining In order to walk, strengthened upper leg muscles are necessary, but in a baby walker, only lower part leg muscles get the advantage. Development of crawling is imperative, as it strengthens both arms and legs. Not only that, it causes coordination and sync of the movements.

Although parents prefer baby walkers and this product gives confidence to the babies, proper walking is not at all about sitting and moving in it. The over dependency severely effects and delays the motor development. The delay is 3.3 days for every 24 hours of walker use. So, if you want to buy a walker, think about the modern ones who have to lock feature and slow ones with controlling brakes.


Baby walkers are still popular, but before hopping for it, consider the outcomes as well. You must be very careful and alert while leaving babies in the chair of the Walker. Check the speed and keep an eye on them so that they cannot get access to the poisonous and harmful house stuff. Check the manual and talk to the store manager regarding this.

Image Credit : babymomhq.com

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