Hape Wonder Walker Review For Toddlers

Love, Play and Learn with the Hape Wonder Walker. This walker has been carefully designed keeping in mind the safety of your child and meets all the quality and safety standards. If you wish to introduce the concept of going green to your child, then this walker is a perfect way to begin; the toy Walker is made up of wood and is free from any hazardous material; its's color combinations and attractive look makes it a perfect gifting option.

As a parent, you know that many milestones mark your baby's first few years. Out of them, seeing him or her takes the first few steps is surely at the top. There is great joy in seeing your child take the first wobbly steps. Walking is a major developmental leap. We can understand how anxious you must be to find out when it would happen. Every baby learns to walk at their own pace. But you can help your child walk with the help of this Wonder Walker.

Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy
Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy

Make Your Child Walk and Roll with Hape Wonder Walker

Research shows that for most children in the age group of 6 to 12 months have a strong urge to move across the floor. When they are placed in the right baby walker, there is great ecstasy. Most of them would squeal with delight. With them, they get happily entertained for hours. However, not having the best baby girls walker may expose your baby to various risks and accidents.

But with the best baby walker with a seat for your baby, your child will be ready to walk and roll. This unique toy would ensure that he or she has great fun. At the same time, it would also encourage your child to take the first few steps.

Why Hape Wonder Walker Toys for Your Child?

  • Set Back Wheels and Unique Design

The Setback wheels provide a strong base to this push walker for baby. The wonderful design, on the other hand, would help your child breeze forward and encourage them to take the first steps.

  • Movable Knobs, Gears, and Colourful Balls

Hape push walker for the baby toy has movable knobs; gears along with colourful ball which makes it a busy box on wheels. They offer five different activities which would keep your child engaged. It helps in developing the fine motor skills, coordination and overall development of the child.

  • Set Back Wheels are Rubber Trimmed

Apart from the protection of your child, the protection of the flooring of your child's room is surely a priority for you. Thus the setback wheels are rubber lined so that they do not damage the floor in any way.

Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy
  • Assembly is Easy Storage Base that Offers Great Room

Assembling can easily be done. Hape push walker for the baby storage base offers room for friends to come along for the ride.

  • Sturdy Wood Craftsmanship from Environmentally Sourced Forests

These push walkers for babies are made from great wood and therefore are durable over a long period. Thus, you can be sure that it would last over a long time.

  • The Toy Has a Non-Toxic Finish, and Child Safe Paints are Used

We are sure that your child's safety and health are the topmost priority for you. Hape Toys values this all-important need for all the products manufactured and supplied. The same goes for this Walker as well. In fact, this brand is a proud recipient of the 2011 Parent’s Choice Approved Award. Thus the one thing you can be sure about while buying is that it is a fully non-toxic and safe toy for your child.

Nurtures and Develops Your Child's Natural Abilities and Have Fun Too

While using and playing with this walker, your child would feel encouraged to walk. It would also aid in developing his or her natural abilities and at the same time have great fun.

We can be sure that as a parent, you always feel that your child is special. He or she deserves the very best. You would love to see them take the first few steps, move about, grow, learn and last but not the least, love to see them have great fun. With this Push and Pull Toddler, you can have just that.


  • Helps your child to play and learn at the same time.
  • Would help in the development of coordination and motor skills of the child.
  • It has a sturdy base to ensure that the child would not easily fall off.
  • Made from fully non-toxic and child safe materials.
  • It can be easily stored at any place.


There are no major drawbacks or problems as such, but parental guidance is recommended till the child becomes well acquainted with the product.

Award Winning Hape Racing Stripes Wooden Push and Pull Walker

Award Winning Hape Wooden Walker Racing Stripes Push and Pull Walker

Final Word 

All the products of Hape push walkers for babies are of the highest quality standards. They are fully safe, since not only are they very sturdy but also sufficiently non-toxic and made from materials which are safe for all children. You can buy this hape wooden walker type push and pull walker online and gift your child with the perfect gift that would value over a long time. Book one today and let your child have loads of fun.

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