Outdoor Activities for Babies with a Baby Walker

Is your baby’s age between 9-15 months? Then, it is the time to give your child a developmental tool. Yes, I’m talking about activity walker for babies. At this age, babies have a powerful wish to move across on their own. On the other hand, by trying to fulfill their urge, as such they might get hurt. We, the parents should be careful all the time for this reason. We could reduce our stress by giving outdoor activities for babies in the form of a baby walker.

Well, babies are our future generation. So, we should not take a single risk with our child. At first, we should know about our baby’s development. Let me explain their development age by age.

Baby walker is for your small kids or toddler. But what if you have a 5+ years old kid. So before you start reading this article. I want to tell you something else that trampoline can be a great tool for your children to have fun and that is good for health as well. 

Outdoor Activities for Babies- Age by Age Guide

At the age of 2 months, baby’s backbone continues to strengthen and they are capable to raise their head, chest & hand. When they are laying on their stomachs, they can raise those part with the help of elbow. At this time, they will bend and strike with their leg. When baby’s age reaches three months, they can do those job for a longer time. This helps babies to strengthen their bone. By around the age of four months, they can control their head easily. Also, around five months they can control or move all their limbs. Around six months they can sit on their own. During this time, their muscle strengthens enough to crawl, and they start crawling around at the age of 7 months.

Here, we come to the important age of a baby. At the age of  9 months, they can play with toys, move easily and start trying to stand up with the help of a wall or something else that can help them to stand up. This is the time to give your baby a developmental tool. A tool that can secure your child from injury as well as prepare your infant to walk.

What is The Benefit to Having a Baby Activity Walker?

There are several benefits to have baby activity walker. First of all, it helps them to get rid of an injury. With this, Babies can move around independently. And this independence makes them happy. Using a baby walker is the best exercise also. It helps them to digest well. On the other hand, it gives parents some time to do their work while babies are using it.

However, one thing we should keep in mind, the place where our baby is using the baby walker, should have clear space. There should not be something that has a sharp edge.

Nowadays there are various types of activity walker. We need to choose the best baby walker.

Activity walkers for babies is an essential part of a baby. Activity Walker will give your baby confidence that needs your child to take the first step. It should be fun for them also. To give them fun and excitement we could give them fisher price musical activity walker. It is a baby walker with musical sound. Musical sound gives them excitement. Baby can push button to make sound, it is fun for them. Another benefit is babies don’t want to stop playing with Fisher price musical activity walker because of the music.

There is also, 3 in 1 activity walker, it has a unique feature. It can be folded to use as a floor toy and can also converted to a standing table. The given light encourages babies to move across. So, 3 in 1 activity walker could be a choice.

Activity walker for babies works in such a way that your baby will be safe and learn the very first step. You just need to choose the best one.

How to Choose the Baby Walker from the Various Rangse of Baby Walker ?

This question came up my to mind when my baby (son) at the age of 9 months. So, I research about it and found out some way to choose from the various range of baby walker activity center?

First of all, your need to check the safety measurement. Because of the safety issue, we should look at it carefully. Should have anti slip pad, speed controlling feature. Also, look at the base. If it is wide or not. Wide base keeps baby safe.

A Baby walker must be entertaining.  Without amusement, babies will not feel comfortable using it. There are various items that can entertain our infants, such as light, music and different types of toy.

Your baby will spend a long time in it. So, it must be comfortable. The seat of the walker should be padded.

Above all, I think we should choose a walker that has convertible feature. We know, a baby walker is for a short time. When our baby learns how to walk without the help of a walker, then it will be useless. If it can be converted to a chair or anything else it will help us a lot.

Keynotes for Getting the Most Out of a Baby Walker

Now we know, using a baby walker is important for our babies. And the most important thing is to use it in the right way. Let’s see the using procedure. 

  • Make it as gamely as possible for you baby.

  • Stand in the distance and encourage your baby to come to you.
  • Let him stop and walk.

Are there any Disadvantages?

Disadvantages of the baby walker are nothing if we adopt some precautions. Such as keeping it away from the pool or near the road. And as a parent, try to stay close to your child while it is on a baby walker.


All in all, the above information gives a lot information about the baby walker. In fact, it is a developmental tool. So, it will help your baby learn to walk scientifically.

Another point is to have a home security system in place. There are times when the baby is playing alone in the garden or in the backyard. Unknown intruders in the form of dogs , cats or burglars may enter and scare your baby out of his wits. It is better to be prepared for any eventuality. 

Our next generation will grow better than us. We should take care of them for better future. My intention was to help you with the right choice. I think, our baby is our future. Who on earth wants to destroy his future?  None, so make a better choice, keep calm and have fun with your baby. 

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