10 Easy Easter Activities for Toddlers- Fun Ideas for Kids      

Easter is a fun-filled holiday celebrated by people of all ages. From Easter egg hunts to bunny-shaped treats, there are plenty of things to do during the Easter season. If you have toddlers at home, there are many fun and easy Easter activities you can do with them. These activities will keep your little ones entertained and engaged while helping them learn about the holiday.

Here are 10 easy Easter activities for toddlers that you can try out:

Easter egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a classic Easter activity that children of all ages love. Hide colorful Easter eggs around your home or yard and encourage your toddlers to find them. You can also fill the eggs with small toys, stickers, or candy to make it more exciting.

Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is another fun activity that toddlers can participate in. Provide them with safe and non-toxic markers, stickers, or paint to decorate the eggs. You can also use edible dye or food coloring to color the eggs.

Easter Egg Roll

 Children participating in the Easter Egg Roll event on the White House lawn, searching for colorful eggs.

An Easter egg roll is a traditional game played during Easter. This game involves rolling an egg down a hill or a slope with a stick. For toddlers, you can simplify the game by having them roll the eggs on a flat surface. You can also use plastic eggs for safety.

Easter Bunny Crafts

Encourage your toddlers to make Easter bunny crafts using construction paper, cotton balls, and other craft materials. They can create Easter bunny ears, tails, and even masks. This is a fun way to encourage their creativity and imagination.

Easter Basket Craft

Help your toddlers make their own Easter baskets using paper plates or cardboard boxes. They can decorate the baskets with stickers, markers, or paint. Then, you can fill the baskets with Easter treats, toys, or books.

Bunny Hop Game

The Bunny Hop game is a fun and simple game that toddlers will love. It involves hopping like a bunny from one spot to another. You can create a course using cones or markers and have your toddlers hop along the course. You can also play music and have them hop to the beat.

Easter Storytime

Read Easter-themed books to your toddlers to help them learn about the holiday. You can also act out the story using stuffed animals or puppets. This is a great way to encourage their love for reading and storytelling.

Egg Shakers

Create egg shakers using plastic eggs and small objects such as rice or beans. Encourage your toddlers to shake the eggs to create different sounds and rhythms. You can also play music and have them shake the eggs to the beat.

Easter Sensory Bin

Create an Easter sensory bin using plastic eggs, shredded paper, and other materials. Let your toddlers explore the bin using their senses. This is a great way to encourage their cognitive and sensory development.

Easter Snacks

Make fun and festive Easter snacks with your toddlers. You can create bunny-shaped sandwiches, fruit skewers with Easter-themed fruits, or Easter egg-shaped cookies. This is a fun way to encourage their love for cooking and healthy eating.


Q: What are some other Easter activities for toddlers?

A: Some other Easter activities for toddlers include making Easter bonnets or hats, creating Easter-themed finger puppets, and making Easter-themed slime or playdough.

Q: How can I make sure the Easter activities are safe for toddlers?

A: Always supervise your toddlers during the activities and make sure they are using safe and non-toxic materials. Avoid activities that involve small objects that can be swallowed or activities that are too challenging for their age.

Q: How can I make Easter activities educational for toddlers?

A: You can incorporate learning concepts such as colors, shapes, and numbers into the activities. You can also incorporate the history and significance of Easter into the activities by reading Easter stories or discussing the symbolism behind Easter eggs and bunnies.

Q: How can I involve my toddler in Easter traditions?

A: You can involve your toddler in Easter traditions by letting them help decorate the house with Easter decorations, letting them help prepare Easter meals or treats, and involving them in Easter egg hunts and other Easter activities.

Q: Can I do these activities with a group of toddlers?

A: Yes, these activities can be done with a group of toddlers. However, it is important to ensure that there are enough materials for each child and to provide adequate supervision to ensure everyone is safe.


Easter activities for toddlers can be both fun and educational. By trying out these 10 easy Easter activities, you can help your toddlers learn about the holiday while also keeping them entertained and engaged. Remember to always prioritize safety and supervision during the activities and have fun celebrating Easter with your little ones!

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