Amazing Baby Walkers for Less Than $100

Technology has helped parents to parent their baby in a number of ways. One of the foremost influences is to use items like baby walkers. This useful tool not only helps the baby to learn walking but also is a great source of entertainment for the babies. It builds up the confidence of your baby. So obviously you also want to buy a walker for your baby in the new year.

But it may be difficult for you to choose a right baby walker for your baby as there are many types and branded walker available on the market. And if you attempt to purchase it for the first time you may fall into great difficulties to choose the right one.

But don’t worry, for you, I am going to discuss here a complete guideline on how to choose the best baby walkers.

Types of Baby Walkers

Generally, 2 types of baby walkers are available in the market now-

1. Seated walkers

2. Sit to stand walkers.

Seated Walkers

Seated walkers can be used for sitting or standing of your baby. That means it has both the options- sitting or standing on it and walking. These types of walkers offer a good range of advantages for your baby that includes: 

  • Your baby has the option to sit or stand.
  • Baby can sit and play in it.
  • These walkers offer lot more stability.
  • They come with a variety of entertaining as well as stimulating toys.

  • Sit on Stand Walkers 

    This walker is often called as 2 in 1 walkers. Your baby can either play in it with the toys or stand on the walker. These walkers also offer a good range of advantages for your baby mentioned below: 

  • These walkers encourage babies both to walk and to move.
  • They are comparatively cheaper than other walkers. 
  • These walkers can easily be tipped over.
  • These types of walkers are easy to store.
  • They are very light as well as easily portable.
  • Why You Should Have a Baby Walker

    It is true that there has been huge debate regarding whether parents should have a baby walker for their baby or not. But during some recent years, the parents are forwarding to have a baby walker for their baby for its new innovation and as well as strong safety features.

    Let’s check out some great reasons why you should choose a baby walker for your baby:

    • The baby walker assists baby to move from one place to another without falling over.
    • Provides a place for eating independently.
    • Gives your baby entertainment and stimulation.
    • Assists babies to hold themselves.
    • Gives the babies an opportunity to explore independently as well as under parental supervision.
    • Helps it to maintain balance.
    Baby Push Toy Walker

    How to Choose the Best Baby Walker

    A best quality baby walker can play a vital role exploring the key stages of development of your baby. It will give your baby confidence to have their first steps alone.

    So, undoubtedly knowing the right way of choosing a baby walker is the most important thing. To get a bright idea of how to select the best baby walker you may take into consideration the following things.


    Naturally, babies love the freedom, and a walker gives it to them. But don’t forget about their safety. To ensure their safety while they are exploring consider the following safety features to have at the time of purchasing a baby walker.

    • A wide base. It will stop your baby moving where they shouldn’t.
    • A speed reducer to refrain them from going too fast.
    • Anti-slipping pads.

    Extra Entertainment

    Some accessories can keep your baby amused even when it stops for a rest. So consider having the following accessories with your baby walker.

    • Toy attachments.
    • Musical additions.
    • Textures and shapes to touch as well as play with.


    The babies grow quickly. So, the baby walker also needs to adjust to the needs of the growing up baby. Choose such one that will grow with them. To have such a walker consider about the following things.

    • Adjustable height settings.
    • A comfy padded seat.
    • Adaptable functions.


    Your baby walker has to be user-friendly. To get a user-friendly walker, look at the following things.

    • Right height.
    • Comfortable.
    • Smooth running wheels.

    Baby Walker Safety Features

    To ensure the proper safety of your baby take into consideration the following safety issues: 

    • Ensure the baby walker is designed with a wide base. This will prevent the walker going to unsafe areas like doorways, down stairways or kitchens.
    • Choose a walker having locking wheels. Then you will be able to control your baby’s activities in the walker.
    • For additional safety choose the walkers that has a seat belt.
    • Be sure that your baby walker has been made from nontoxic materials.
    • Choose one that can hold your babies weight.

    Some of the Best Baby Walkers

    Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

    • Pros
    • Dual folding function
    • Highly portable
    • Learning center with accessories
    • Easy storage
    • Rolls well on carpet

    • Cons
    • Not easily adjusted
    • Lightweight construction

    Walker Wagon

    • Pros
    • Made from of high-quality materials
    • High-quality paint and never chip away
    • Long lasting and durable
    • Easy assembly instruction
    • Easy to roll over both inside and outside surfaces
    • Extra space between the wheels to prevent stubbed toes

    • Cons
    • Bolts often need to be re-tightened.

    Sit-to-Stand Walker

    • Pros
    • Dual wheel settings
    • Quick assembly
    • Removable activity center
    • Batteries included
    •  Durable construction

    • Cons
    • Poor traction
    • Unattached phone handle

    Chomp and Clack Wooden Push Toy

    • Pros
    • Non-toxic paint designs
    • Hardwood construction
    • Aqua & Nature design details
    •  Non-skid wheels

    • Cons
    • May have rough wood

    Sounds 'n Lights Discovery Walker

    • Pros
    • Three height adjustment
    • Washable seat
    • 2-swing activity tray
    • 5 Dinosaur Diorama
    •  Gripper Strips

    • Cons
    • Difficult height adjustment
    • Stationary back wheels

    Joovy Spoon Walker

    • Pros
    • BPA-Free plastic
    • Dishwasher safe tray
    • Wide durable base
    • Flat folding design
    • Non-skid rollers

    • Cons
    • Non-swivel back wheels
    • Accessories not included

    Lil' Drive Baby Activity Walker

    • Pros
    • Electronic tray design
    • Detachable accessories
    • JPMA certified
    • 3-setting height adjustment

    • Cons
    • Batteries not included
    • Casters may be wobbly

    Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker

    • Pros
    • Balanced 4-wheelbase
    • 8 Activity learning center
    • 2-Volume setting
    • Authentic lion mane design
    •  Easy on/off button

    • Cons
    • Non-foldable function

    Lil Playstation II Activity Center

    • Pros
    • Sturdy plastic construction
    • Quick-release tray
    • JPMA certified
    • Safety-locking seat

    • Cons
    • Batteries not included
    • Non-adjustable seat

    Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker

    • Pros
    • Encourages early nurturing behaviors
    • Extended wheelbase for stability
    • Batteries included     
    • Kid-friendly push button design

    • Cons
    • Assembly required
    • Non-foldable

    Bottom Line

    Finally, I think I have been an expert baby walker buyer. You have now a crystal clear idea regarding choosing a good quality  walker . You know the features a baby walker should have to ensure your baby’s safety. Just make sure that these features your baby walker have at the time of purchasing.    

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