Pink Baby Walker-Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer

Are you looking for baby walkers for girls? Look  out for Pink Baby Walker-The Combi All-In-One Mobile Entertainer is the sleekest walkers that your little sugar would love to cling.

This review will cover the design, features, and mobility of the walker for girls and will also highlight the pros and cons of the best walkers so that you can make an informed decision.

Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer in Flower Power

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Pink Baby Walker -The Best you can buy

Most purchasers say they would recommend this toy or purchase the toy again if they ever had the need for another one. Parents and grandparents enjoy seeing the joy on their babies’ faces as they cruise around in the walker. Purchasers say the toy is a great price and high quality. Justifying so, the Best Baby Girl Walker has most five-star reviews.

Design Features of the Baby Walker

  • Combi pink baby walker designed this adjustable baby walker as a convertible sports car, so your baby can zoom around in style.
  • The top is shiny pink, and the bottom half is a neutral white.
  • A switch on the side lets you choose between walking, jumping and locked position.
  • The girl walkers for babies weighs fourteen pounds and is filled with 100% polyurethane foam.
  • The style is adorable enough to have in the common areas of your house.
Baby Girl Walkers

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The detachable hood reveals a tray underneath, so your baby can enjoy a snack too. The tray is also handy for holding toys.

Four functional wheels provide easy turning.

The padded seat gives the baby a comfortable ride.

The steering wheel lights up, creating, even more, entertainment for your baby.

There are three height adjustments to accommodate multiple sizes.

The bouncing feature is great for stationary play.

Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer in Flower Power

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This baby walker has a locking mechanism so you can be sure your baby stays stationary when you need to keep her still.

This function is ideal for keeping the baby away from stairs or open doors.

The baby walker is sturdy and locks so baby can bounce in the walker instead of walking all the time.

This also provides baby with extra entertainment, so they don’t get bored.


This baby walker for girls folds down for storage.

Simply detach the side view mirrors to store compactly.

The best girls walker will fit in a closet or utility room so that you can store it for your next child.


The steering wheels on the baby walkers have buttons for songs and beeping noises. The musical buttons are nice and upbeat.

They light up to provide visual stimulation.

There are no animal noises.

You can leave out the batteries for silence.


The baby walker for girls does not roll well on high pile carpet, as the wheels will get stuck.

It is best used on hardwood floors, low pile carpet, or tile floors.

Combi Baby Activity Walker – All-in-One Mobile Activity Center, Entertainer, and Snack Tray – Bounce, Drive and Play


The pink car Walker requires batteries which only last three hours.

The adjustable baby walker will only accommodate babies up to thirty pounds.

The steering wheel can be tight to turn.

The car cannot be converted into a push walker.

The jumper is rather stiff.


This baby girl walker is equipped with springs on either side.

Your baby can bounce instead of walk in this baby walker.

This feature makes girl walkers for babies a great value because they are like two toys in one.


The cars baby walker provides an adorable means of transportation for your baby girl.

Baby will love the side view mirrors that spin.

Baby’s heels will not get caught or bumped while in the baby walkers.

The baby girl walker is not available in stores, so your toy will be unique.

Baby girls love strolling around in this walker, instead of crawling around on the ground.

The cool baby walkers are even more beautiful in person than the photos.

The car will arrive via Amazon with fast, two day Prime shipping.

Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer Baby walker Long Story Short Reviews

  • The first version is the subject of this review, the pink baby girl walker. It is a pink convertible car walker with white stripes and white base. The seat is black.
  • Combi also creates a black unisex version of the car. The seat, car and accent colors are black. It has a white base and two white stripes.
  • A red version is also available. It's a shiny, cherry red color with white stripes and a white base. The seat is black.
  •  The final offering is a black police car walker. It is a black convertible with a police emblem on the hood of the car, with red, gold and blue detailing. The base is white, and the seat is black

More Colors in-One Mobile Entertainer Baby walker

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Q.Does the steering wheel turn?

Yes, but it is a little tight.

Q.How do you wash the seat?

The seat is not machine washable, but you can wipe it down with a Clorox wipe or your favorite cleaner.

Q.Do the wheels swivel?

Yes, all four wheels are functional for easy turning.

Q. What size baby does the girl walker for babies fit?

The baby walker fits babies who can sit unassisted up to thirty pounds.

Q.What size batteries does the baby walker use?

It uses AA batteries.

Bottom Line 

With comparison to its competitors, the Combi All-In-One Mobile Entertainer is the best walkers for baby girl. This adjustable Walker will grow with your baby and hold up well. This girl walker can be stored for your next baby, making it an incredible value.

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