9 Month Old Baby Development Activities


It’s just three more months left for your little one’s first birthday!

The baby might have already started holding things which are within it’reach. Also, it’s so amazing to see your baby crawling now and trying to utter ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ in his/her babbling tongue. All these are the signs of baby development activity and with it your darling is gradually getting growing up. Hence, you should be a little proactive now. It’s recommended to try to figure out effective approaches through which you can develop both your baby’s brain and physique.

Just take a glance over some of such excellent ways to let your baby develop: 

Go for Puzzles

You can build a few simple puzzles with your kid and let him grow mentally. You can introduce such games to make his/her brain function in a far better way. Of course, your baby might not be able to put the pieces back on the board right away, he/she will certainly enjoy the colors while manipulating the pieces. It will boost up his/her psychological value. Check out this Go for Puzzles

let your baby develop

Teach Baby the Basic Movements

Your darling is growing up now; you need to find some realistic toys for your kid. You need to figure out such moveable toys which have buttons, slides, and doors. If you give your baby such toys to entertain themselves, they will learn the concepts of up and down, open and close, in and out and so on. Hence, it will be a mind-boggling game for your kid.

Hide the Toys

Play find the toys is one of the most amazing ways to develop your darling’s brain. It will let the inquisitiveness in your child to grow, and he/she will start understanding things in a better way. You can play such a game in the following way:

Let your baby check out that you’ve put a large toy below the blanket. Next, when you ask your baby to find it out, your kid will remember that the blanket isn’t flat and remember that you’ve put the toy beneath the blanket. What the baby will do now is just pull it off to find out the toy.

Now, you can just hide the toy in front of your baby. You can cover it up with one or two blankets which are next to each other. However, you shouldn’t let your kid watch this. Just try to find out now that whether the baby can find out the toy or not. It will cause a great psychological development of your kid. You can see more baby toys 

Kid Activities

Get into Rolling

Playing with rolling toys such as cars and balls is smart. If you do so, it will let your kid develop physically. Your baby will finally have the stability to sit down and push the toys back and forth. As your baby will move its arms, your kid will get a final physical boost.

Let Your Babble

Respond when your baby makes some nonsense syllables! You need to participate in various conversations with your kid. It is the first step to develop your baby’s communication skills. Give her some time to talk before you respond. Just talk to her like a dear friend of yours. It will encourage your sweetheart to talk to you. Thus the baby will develop mentally.

Show Your Baby Colors

Point out various colorful pictures in books and magazines. For example, you can say, ‘this is blue sky,’ ‘this is the green parrot’ etc. After you are done, let her identify things now. Just ask the baby to point out where is the blue sky and so on. It will accentuate your kid’s memory power.

Identify Your Baby’s Body Parts

While you play with your baby or bath the baby, point out the baby parts. For example, you should say, this is your tummy, this is your finger, this is your face, etc. After you’ve done identifying, let your baby do it by himself or herself. It is a really good way to develop your kid’s language skills.

Baby Activities

Give Importance to Your Baby’s Feelings

You should respect your baby’s feelings. Try to understand when the baby is happy or sad. When you are playing with your child, be fully present. It will boost up the child’s power to emotionally connect with situations and develop socially.

Explore the World

When you are going out with your baby, try to see the world and explore it at its best. You can go for walks and errands to meet up with a friend while taking your baby with you. While exploring the world with you, the baby will feel more relaxed and develop the social skills eventually.

Let Your Kid Crawl Over You

Just lie on the floor and let your kid crawl over you. It will not only let your little bundle of joy enjoy but also the baby will quickly put himself or herself up to standing. It is an excellent way to develop your kid physically.

Aren’t these 9-months old development activities quite amazing?

Don’t wait anymore! Just be smart enough and take the steps above to let your kid develop tremendously. All these tips are really useful enough to opt for your little one now. Your kid will surely end up growing in a far better way!

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